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Safety of Active Systems and Mezzanine Gates

One of the easy ways in which you can double your warehousing area is by adding mezzanines. However, the mezzanines bring about various challenges. The last thing you want is to wholly concentrate on the mezzanines while ignoring the safety of your workers.

There are various solutions you can implement to improve the safety of the mezzanines like loading dock safety gates. The solutions come in a wide range of prices and safety. Read on to find out the pros and cons of the main types of safety gates you can install for your mezzanine.


Some businesses prefer an active system, such as anchors with tie-offs. These systems are convenient and affordable. However, the requirements of using the systems are quite different from that of a Mezzanine gate and other passive fall protection systems.

It is easy to end up incorrectly using active mezzanine gate systems. This is why employees have to be specially trained to use them. When lifelines are being used while trying to unload and move product on mezzanine, the lines can easy get entangled in the product, leading to potential hazards and loss of productivity.

Active systems also have to be inspected and re-certified every year. The engineering of the systems has to be carried out by a professional certified by the building and construction authority. Prior to engineering the system, the professional should have a well-thought out rescue plan.

In the long run, using a mezzanine gate will be less expensive, more productive and safer.


The horizontal opening gate is the simplest and most common type of mezzanine gate. When the gate is closed, it functions as a part of your guardrail system. When you want to open the gate, it will roll back around the ground, leaving a gap for loading and unloading.

One of the advantages of an open gate system is that it can be easily customized to accommodate any wide opening that may be needed for your application.

However, there are a number of safety drawbacks you should be aware of regarding the design of the horizontal opening gate. For example, when the gate is open and a worker gets too close, it is like having no railing system or protection. Workers who take shortcuts when unloading pellets before closing the gate also face the same danger.

Before choosing any safety gate, you should know its pros and cons. The above is an overview of active systems and mezzanine gate.
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